k2htp_mdtor(aka K2HTPMDTOR) is a K2HASH transaction plugin that handles K2HASH transaction logs. Once an application updates a K2HASH file, K2HASH generates a transaction log. K2HTPMDTOR receives it and passes it to other K2HASH transaction plugins.

The main purpose of K2HTPMDTOR, which loads multiple K2HASH transaction plugins, is to call the arbitrary function defined in them. When calling the each function, K2HTPMDTOR passes K2HASH transaction logs to it as a function’s parameter. A common K2HASH transaction plugin loads no other one. We recommend you to use K2HTPMDTOR if you want to use multiple K2HASH transaction plugins.

K2HTPMDTOR is designed to cooperate with subsystems. K2HTPMDTOR can pass a K2HASH transaction log to other transaction plugins simultaneously. This can help subsystems to track updates from an application very quickly.


Read the following documents about K2HTPMDTOR for details.


Overview page describes the K2HTPMDTOR overview.


Details page describes the K2HTPMDTOR initialization process and settings.


Usage page describes a K2HTPMDTOR’s example usage.


Build page instructs how to build the K2HTPMDTOR source code.

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